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PHP Support
Unmetered Bandwitdh
Import FTP Feature
Form mail
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MySQL Database
2 meg file limit
Now including zip files!
Great Customer Service

Currently we only host websites in English. We allow your ads on Business websites, but not on Personal websites.


GoBigWest Internet Access-$5.95

HomePage-Host is a non-profitable web space provider that allows users to create their own web pages without banner or popup advertisements! We pride ourselves in offering the best in free web hosting out on the net.

We strive to achieve great customer service, and to mantain and keep our friendly enviroment, while keeping our community secure. It is for these reasons, however, that we are selective and do not accept all aplicants into our hosting service.

hph is the wonderful person responsible for this great service. Starting in 2xxx, he's expanded his freehosting service to 4 different hosts, with a 5th one coming soon!

HomePage-Host holds contest events occasionally as well, offering prizes such as CPannels (the best in paid hosting... for free!), additional web space, the ability to have multiple databases, and have multiple FTP accounts, just to mention a few.

Check out these user testimonials:

"I've only been using this host for a few weeks, but so far this is the best free hosting place that I have used, with an owner that not only is extremely helpful, but who also seems to genuinely care. I would highly recommend Homepage-Host to anyone!"

"I love this host. Not only is it a fantastic deal but the staff are incredibley helpful and respond to any questions/requests extrememly quickily. I would recommend this host to anyone looking for free web space."

"this host is excellent. only one little image to support them, no adds or anything like that. the support is amazing, im surprised because my pay site doesnt even offer this ammount of support. thanks homepage-host."

"Cannot fault this host! Supports all I need and sign-up was quick and easy. Even though the host checks each application, it makes you feel secure that the host is top quality. No ads, no popups! The best thing however is the feedback/help service. Any help orr request is dealt with and usually delivered in cracking time! Great job, no need to look anywhere else! Oh, and a whopping 50MB ! which is usually more than enough for any non-commercial site!"

HTML Email

Several ordinary vulnerabilities in HTML mail make it achievable for malevolent code to instigate when you even foretaste a message in a few versions of bulk email sending software, except you have the newest patches for the Internet Explorer. For example, the "Forgotten" worm was inscribed in Visual Basic Script and multiplies with no any accessory. In its place, the worm code was inserted into the HTML message of the formatted body. The "I Love You" program worm exploited ActiveX vulnerability and was then performed just by previewing or view in the e-mail message devoid of opening any add-ons.

Consequently, when you're browsing the internet, all of the technologies could be utilized by websites to conciliation your own confidentiality and the data on the computer. And now once you accept HTML e-mail by one of the HTML proficient e-mail customers, you look the same dangers as if you were to open page on the net, just as you will in your browser. Put just, some technology that you may look on the World Wide Web while utilizing your browser is now utilized as you open and read the e-mail.


(Testimonials taken from Free Webspace, where users post their reviews on our service. For security reasons, Free Webspace does not reveal the identity of these individuals. To read more HomePage-Host reviews from Free Webspace, click HERE)

Great ad-less service, security, a staff who cares, 99% overall uptime and a friendly enviroment. All free of charge! That's HomePage-Host.

We'd like to give our thanks for your interest in HomePage-Host! Don't hesitate to submit an application and remember; if you've met our requirements, you're already half way there! If you run across any problems, try out our FAQ and our HELP FORUMS. If you still have any questions, try to CONTACT US directly, we're more than happy to help!

BEST DESIGN Experience Prabins

Experience Prabins

Congrats to pjronline! Winner of our Best Design Contest. His prizes include a Cpanel and 100 extra MBs of space! Visit this winning website by clicking on the screenshots.

erweb.net is now offering for a Limited Time a FREE 10 Day Free Trial Period on our Nationwide Unlimited Dial-up Internet Service and then only $9.95 per month!. Accelerated Unlimited Dial-Up Internet for only $12.95 Per Month! Along with great unlimited internet access you will receive:

10 E-Mail Accounts & Nationwide Toll Free Access Number

You may have up to (10) Personal email accounts (user@erweb.net). Our Toll Free Nationwide Access Number 1-866-663-3679

Spam and Virus Protected E-Mail

Our virus protection system catches 100% of viruses. We do not reply on re-branded virus scanners that often fail to catch brand new viruses. Our Spam detection system keeps pornographic and nuisance advertisements out of your mailbox.

E-Mail and Online Tech Support.

In order to keep costs down and keep our prices low our technical support is available only through
"E-Mail" and "Online Live Support" Our E-Mail support is fast. During business hours you will usualy get a reply within a few hours 7 Days a week! Even on holidays.

No Sign-up Fee

Some internet service providers charge you a fee just for signing up but, with erweb.net there is NO SIGN-UP FEE!, and NO CONTRACTS to sign.

After the free 10 Day Trial period there is no obligation to subscribe to our service. If you like our service, we will start billing you at the pricing plan that you’ve selected. So, what are you waiting for?.
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